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Friday, December 31, 2010

today TT

i have drama camp frm 27dec till tdy the last day of 2010
i pass my last day of the year with drama
i found many thgs in drama

now i realise
the happiness
the achivement
the feeling of touch
many of feels

i will be 16 ady
UNbelievable !
time passing so fast
hope i have a new life in 2011
坚持到底 永不放弃!
thx for the drama teacher in tis year
Eagle, 守明, 国文
u all teach me nt only drama
feel it touch it !

Saturday, December 25, 2010


2010 is gonna pass soon
miss the time much

Monday, December 20, 2010

it is ending

over these year
i have in chonghwa for 3 years
many frens pass by my life everyyear
i love my frens actually
bt thy always din find me if the next year we din same class
why should all of you like tis ?
frens r always nt same
bt im still the same
next year is HONEY MOON year - -
everyone must busy for their relation
boyfriend girlfriend
bt how abt old frens ?

1Ai 2008

2Yi 2009

3Ai 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


CHRISTMAS is coming soon :DD
i think santa claus is cute actually
i never see him b4
bt i gt many christmas wishes wan him to make it true
many many
ehh santa !
u cum my house la
i belanja u makan
and i wan a wish can ?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

1st post Holidays

tis is the 1st post abt the holidays
maybe ..
im the most happy one in tis holiday
i go out most of the time
although sometimes go out alone sien juga - -

at home i spend my time most is
WATCH tv oso
PLAY comp
SMS with ppl

i x like the time spending like tis
i wan friends
friends are a powerful energy for me
me at home macam half died u noe ?!
i like to see ur smile
friends can make me laugh more
or maybe i can make my friends laugh more - -
bt i wish to stay tgt wif all of u

tis girl eating happily :D i like her smile

i most like tis girl smile she is a model actually bt only 12 years old

ppl said my blog macam a girl's one..PINK PINK colour

EHHH !! i so MAN de lo although using PINK colour..

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