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Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh yeah updated

everyone wan me to have a girlfren - -
bt i cant find the target

who wans to love a sozai
actually i nt so flower heart like wat u said TT
i oso wan to hav a girlfren
bt it seem like harder thn i go bcum a GAY

i dun wan gay im a normal boy :DD
so how to i hav a gf in short time ?
maybe i gonna wait till next year TT

i juz need some can sms wif me
can let me call her dear
can tell me she love me
and maybe wont leave me alone at the night - -
i juz one someone can be with me always , everyday

Friday, November 26, 2010

FUN . sad

FUN thgs is always bigger thn sad thgs
we hav fun at our graduation trip 3Ai 2010
3 days 2 nights
went for jungle trekking, thn a raft building and race to reach our destination
thn after next day we ply 5 games in 4 group to win others group
at the nite we ply WATER POLO and treasure hunt
the most excited part !
fun pls
we gt lot of funs whn we r together
miss u all 3 AI

Friday, November 19, 2010


wat to blog in tis post ?
see the chat box at ur right hand side ?
the leanne said 原来你也酱感性
she is my primary scl classmate
everybody noe tat im macam ni 不正经 since im small
im so shit la
argghh !!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

macam .

ytd was the last day of us in junior middle
i really she bu de la
we talk many after we go out tat day
talk abt their love their relation and wat thy DO
bt nt me
i din paktor for whole year ady

wat a sad case

i already forget whn is the last time i tell a girl i love YOU

i told ppl the secret why will happen somethg like tis
i almost forget wat is the feeling of LOVE
all of thm r having a sweet relation

bt how abt ME ?

it is almost cum to the end of my 15 year old life
i dint tell any girl tat I LOVE YOU
maybe 15 is nt the suitable year for me in love

i noe im nt a brave man to kao a girl..maybe D:

the day 16 nov our photo and we discuss all the thg wif ahboon weijie and africa

the song : <一眼瞬间>萧敬藤.张惠妹 enjoy

Sunday, November 14, 2010

memorable ♥

well .. we still hav one day and 3 periods for our form 3 scl life
and also junior middle life
we gonna say Buhbye to those
let all the things bcum a memory in our deep deep heart

we should enjoy the only times tat we r together
i dint wan to say goodbye actually
bt it is a truth
we r gonna be separate
to different classes , to science and art
it is sad

dunno whn we will meet agn together in 3 ai classroom
find out the joyful , sadness , and also the hardworking this year
the time is past year by year
i hav many memory every year ♥

Friday, November 12, 2010


tonite is a bad BAD nite
i have been wake up frm a nightmare - -
i dream a girl
it was a sad case coz too many ppl KAO her
so i no chance to tell her tat i love her - -

wat a special nightmare
i think i should nt a important person in her heart :(
sad case
i will go kao the japanese student tat day cum our scl after she accept my FB frens request
ppl says whn u 发春梦 thn u will dream a girl
bt tis seem like nt a 春梦 - -

Friday, November 5, 2010


ytd was our 3AI'ss children day
the name CHILDREN DAY is i giv de lehh
dun simply use tat pls SAKAI ..
ytd i oso gt the belated B'DAY present frm JIJI ~
heheeheh :目

i becum a camera man and DJ in the 4 periods children day
i think i really GENG
the game we ply oso my suggestion
hope we can hav more and more children day like 4 NOVEMBER 2010 in 3AI
we ply so HIGH in tat day
love u all

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