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Friday, January 28, 2011


its mean Great Day
I hope so
everyday is a great day
many thgs to carry
it's stressful
actually i hav mth to write abt tis post
bt i wan to express my feeling
no other way to express it
so tat i cum BLOG-ing

无论晴天雨天 都有属于你的感动和快乐

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


everythg everyone had chg-ed !
bt somethg will nvr chg
i wish i'll be brave
i wish i'll be more mature
i wish i'll..
if i was u
i hope i'll noe wat u thinking abt

Friday, January 21, 2011


I’m gonna fight
to keep you mine
Before I let you walk out of my life…
I’ll die
If you’re not by my side
I’m gonna fight for the life !

so tis is a lyrics
bt i still feel it is touching
im gonna fight to keep you mine
u can listen the song in my blog playlist the 2nd song
it is nice
by a youtube singer

yea we gonna fight for the life
u r the BEST

Saturday, January 15, 2011

rainy day

it's a rainy day tdy
scold by mum
shity dinner tdy !
im nt a perfect child tat u think abt
i noe tis
i feel stressful tis year
many easy thgs bcum difficult
maybe is i bcum mature
bt impossible
i dunno wat i wan to say
bt i just noe im nt happy at all
dunno why
many thgs make me sad
many many many
. . .
no one can noe tis s.h.i.t. feeling
ytd i only noe tat the bass player tat always kiss with Adam Lambert name
Tommy Joe Ratliff
and he is lengzai too actually

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

let my people go

a Diamanda song
these days have many thgs to do in my daily life
class.society.friendship.tution.upgrade myself
i think i should be more mature
should i do tis ?
form 4
it is a busy year
i gt society in Mon and Wed
tuition on Tue and Thurs
left Fri is really free

Sat and Sun is family day

it is hard to mantain/manage a freindship
i totally feel it recently

第二届全国戏剧生活营 全体照

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

form 4 science AI

many teachers told us tat form4 nt a HONEY MOON year actually
all subjects is harder thn junior middle class

i also gt abit scare abt my result in tis year
Ahben will chg to ART (maybe)
why should u chg ?
u'll regret
believe me !

i feel no frens in tis year

hard to find ppl whn recess TT
all ppl is plying chatting blablabla
- -
feel lonely whn recess
i more like the time whn inside the class
although gt abit sien
bt more ppl talk
bt with all 2010 3xin TT
3AI dun bird me at all
except i go find thm - -

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